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Hey there!

So here’s the deal…

This event is all about helping you uncover your God-Given ITfactor, so you can finally live in true alignment within your life and business.


We’re going to talk about what exactly an ITfactor is and how to identify it.

I’ll be walking you through how to own your unique gifting so you have the confidence to stand out.

Plus, I’ll be sharing a blueprint for how you can use your ITfactor to increase your influence and your success!


We’ll dive into how to integrate your ITfactor and apply it in every part of your life, including your business.

I’ll get into shedding all those self-limiting beliefs that have kept you from living in true alignment. 

Plus, I’m going to share with you exactly how I was able to use my own ITfactor to grow a successful business and create a truly authentic life that I LOVE… and how you can do it too!

And that’s just a quick overview.

But the point is…

It’s going to be an implementation-based event.

There won’t be any fluff or B.S. on either day.

I’ll be focused solely on showing you exactly how to extract your ITfactor so you can finally build the confidence to live the life you deserve…


Make sense?


Now here’s the thing.

I want everyone who joins this event to see real transformation.

Including you.


I know what it’s like to want so badly to live a life of purpose, but not know what the next right step is.

Once I uncovered my own ITfactor and recognized my passion for empowering others to own theirs…

It’s become my mission to help as many people as I can to shed the mask they’ve been hiding behind,

And create the foundation they need to live their own high-frequency life in true alignment within their lives and their businesses. 

… BUT, in order for this to work,

I need everyone who attends to be serious about attending both days,

AND about implementing what they learn.

To do that, I need to filter the serious ones from the not-so-serious ones.

All I need is your “verbal confirmation” that you’ll be there & do the work.

So in order to attend this 2-day life-changing event,

You just need to set up a short, 10-minute “verbal confirmation” with one of my community managers.

This is NOT a sales call.

On the call, you’ll just give your verbal “yes” to showing up & doing the work,

And then we will give you the link for both days of the event.

And that’s it!

So if you want to learn how to uncover your God-given ITfactor so you can start living in true alignment within your life and business

(And you’re serious about being there both days & implementing what you learn)… 

Then pick a time for your 10-min, “verbal confirmation” call below.

NOTE – If the calendar shows no time slots available, it means they are all reserved at the moment, but don’t worry because we have your email and mobile phone number, which means you are on top of the waitlist and will be immediately notified if/when more time slots have opened up! Thank you for your patience as we are doing our best to increase capacity to our jam-packed event and accommodate more wonderful souls like you!